• Plant Operations Assistant

    Solaris HealthCare
    Job Description

    Purpose of Your Job Position

    The primary purpose of your job position is to assist the Plant Operations Director with the maintenance and repair program involving buildings and grounds. Also assists in coordinating maintenance and repair activities with functions of other departments, in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines and regulations, and Solaris HealthCare’s established policies and procedures.

    Job Functions

    • General Responsibilities
    • Residents Rights
    • Safety
    • Other Duties and Responsibilities
      • Maintain, operate and repair heating and cooling, plumbing, water, gas, electrical, mechanical, oxygen, communications, carpentry, painting, plastering, refinishing and similar work, heavy duty cleaning, grounds care, and maintenance of institutional equipment and vehicles.
      • Requisitions supplies and equipment for use in department activities
      • Keeps records of work performed and costs involved
      • Assist in coordinating work of maintenance department functions so as not to interrupt patient care or normal business functions
      • Inspect all equipment and systems regularly for proper functioning and safety
      • Able to be on call for emergencies
      • Perform duties concerned with maintenance of grounds, parking lots, driveways etc. May include gardening, landscaping, clean-up, trash removal etc.
      • Performs custodial duties such as scrubbing and buffing, cleaning of storage utilities areas, washing walls, ceiling fixtures and housekeeping duties in very high places and removing and disposing of garbage and trash.
      • Runs errands, handles incoming and outgoing freight, lifts and moves heavy furniture and equipment, and other miscellaneous duties as directed.
      • Responsible for the care and use of supplies and maintenance of equipment used in the performance of duties.
      • Be able to keep adequate records.
      • Able to cooperate with others.
      • Adheres to proper dress codes
      • Maintains personal cleanliness
    • Administrative Responsibilities
    • Special Activities/Attributes


    High School diploma or equivalent required. Knowledge of the TELS Maintenance Program a plus.


    Experience in the Healthcare Industry a plus.


    We’re always looking for health care professionals to fill a variety of positions. Our strength is our focus on our patients, families, and community. Thank you for your interest in exploring a career with us… we look forward to meeting you!

    Our benefits include:

    • Competitive Pay
    • Holidays and Paid Time Off
    • Life and Health Insurance Options
    • Short-Term Disability
    • Long Term Disability
    • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

    Start the process by applying online at www.solarisfoundation.vikus.net 

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