• Cocoa Yoga Cafe adds Yoga With Butterflies

    Cocoa Yoga Cafe Announcing Yoga With Butterflies at the Fruitville Grove Farm

    Imagine yourself in a grassy green pasture, shaded by giant oak trees. Protected from mean bugs by a giant screened enclosure with a floor. Surrounded by fragrant and colorful flowers and absolutely enchanted with various species of butterflies fluttering all around.

    Now close your eyes and hear the voice of a skilled guide leading you through a gentle beginner yoga class with elements of meditation and breathing woven within.

    How would this change your week? How much would this delight you? You can make this vision a reality when you register to join us for only $25 here www.cocoayogacafe.com.

    Classes will be each Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am through autumn at the Fruitville Grove Farm.

    Call Whitney at (575) 534-5222 or email infor@cocoayogacafe.com for additional questions or registrations.

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