• Questions about your Health Insurance Options? Let Bay Insurance help.

    Your health is the most important asset in life.  Let Bay Insurance, your Florida Blue, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida agency, help you protect it with a health insurance plan that meets your needs and your budget. 

    The following Open Enrollment periods are currently ongoing:

    • Medicare: For people who are 65 and older - Available until December 7th
    • Affordable Care Act: For people who are 64 and younger - Available until January 15th

    If you know anyone who needs to save big on healthcare costs, please ask them to call Hermila "Millie" Perreault at 941-787-4431 who is a resident of Port Charlotte.  She will patiently help you decipher the health insurance puzzle and explain our health insurance plans in a way that is easy to understand, and if you let her become your agent, she will be your most devoted advocate and will walk the health insurance path with you.

    At Bay Insurance, we offer Florida Blue Medicare HMO and PPO plans with $0 annual deductible, $0 monthly premium, $0 primary care physician visit copay, $15 specialists visit copay, $2,900 annual maximum out of pocket, and the list goes on...  Millie will be glad to explain all the details.  Call her at 941-787-4431 or schedule a free phone consultation at calendly.com/hermila.

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